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X Rays Imaging


Did you know that 1895 was the birthday of both chiropractic and X-Rays? Chiropractic and X-Ray imaging have both evolved greatly over these past 100 plus years.

Today chiropractors utilise X-Ray when necessary and have been leaders in both patient safety and in minimising X-Ray exposure:

  • Lead shielding to protect sensitive areas
  • Narrowing the X-Ray beam with collimation
  • Reduced energy usage with intensification screens
  • Unneeded frequencies removed with filters
  • Short exposure times with sensitive films
  • Necessary views only
  • Longer target-film distance reduces exposure to about one quarter of other techniques
  • On-site X-Ray equipment

Why X-Rays?

  • Identify spinal degeneration
  • Rule out serious pathology
  • Locate areas of trauma or fracture
  • Confirm various examination findings
  • Provide a structural record of your spine